Our team

  • Victoria has over 4 years of experience in graphic design. Conducts researches on general design tuning. Has a flawless taste. Enjoys photography in her free time

  • Vitaliy is a co-founder of the Tornadex company. Deals with technology development. Has been interested in assembling and dissembling equipment since his childhood. Turned his hobby into his professional activity.

  • Mark is our lead engineer, he is experienced in the field of software and physics. He owes his excellent skills to his father who stirred his passion to sciences. He participates in person in developing our products and increasing their practical features.

  • Nessy is the creative centre of our team. Is responsible for generating ideas and writing technical tasks. Follows innovations, modern trends in the branch of PR, advertisements and the mass media.

  • Stacy is responsible for attracting new clients and keeping partner relationships with them. Participates in the project’s development and implementation. Creates and ensures constant updates of databases.

  • Alex has an analytical mind and a good memory. Coordinates financial issues in our work. Has experience in cooperation with foreign suppliers.